Carel De Moor (Leiden 1656 - Warmond 1738)

Portrait of a young man with a walking stick

Carel De Moor (Leiden 1656 - Warmond 1738)

Portrait of a young man with a walking stick

22.4 x 16.7 cm (8 ⁷/₈ x 6 ⁵/₈ inches)
Oil on panel

certificate dy Dr. Pamela Fowler


A young gentleman, with an expressive face (his mouth is slightly open), stands with his right arm propped on a stone ledge and engages the viewer with his eyes. A rich, red velvet cloth has been draped across his shoulders and over his right arm.  He wears a white shite with full sleeves and trimmed with a black ribbon at the cuff. Holding a walking stick in his right hand, he has been painted against a background of tall trees, a setting sun and architectural structures.
This painting shares many similarities to the portrait of a Girl with Sunflowers (A10) in terms of format, composition and style.  Both were likely painted within the same period and reflect the influence of Frans van Mieris. (See A10, fig. 1).
It is quite possible that this work represents a painting previously known only by description (DGK3) and/or (DPB18).  At both auctions, a painting matching this description was sold with a Young Woman holding a Bouquet of Flowers. One might even suggest that this painting was created as a pendant to Girl with Sunflowers (A10), a painting traditionally thought of as a betrothal portrait.
The two small paintings appear to have been signed by De Moor, although both were altered at later times—most likely to imply that they were painted by more well-known artists.  In this case, the name of Fran van Mieris was used—the ‘V’ (van) was made from the ‘M’ (Moor) and the ‘M’ (Mieris) from the tale of Moor’s ‘r’. (A recent cleaning of Girl with Sunflowers revealed remnants of an earlier signature covered by a later addition of G Metsu.)
Pamela Fowler


- Possibly, sale of Mr. A. Le Breton sale, Leiden, July 31, 1775, lots 6 and 7 (as 9 x 6 ½ d and arched top not specified) to Samen E. Bakker for f 42;
- Possibly, sale of Leonardus Bouman, , Leiden, Abraham Delfos, August 24, 1802, lots 62 and 63 to Samon for f 26:10.[1]

[1]  Sold as pendants: Lot 62, Een Jeffertje halverlijf, fraai gekleed, houdende Bloemen in de hand, hoog 8 ½, breed 6 ½ duimen. Lot 63, Een Weêrga, zijnde een Heertje, rustende op een piedestal met een wandelstok in de hand. Beide konstig en krachtig op paneel, boven toogsgewijs (companion to lot 62) boven toogsgewijs op paneel, ieder hoog 8 ½, breed 6 ½ duimen.  (Lot 62, A young woman, half-length, beautifully dressed, holding flowers in hand, high 8 ½, wide 6 ½ thumbs. Lot 63, A Weêrga, being a Gentleman, resting on a pedestal with a walking stick in his hand. Both conical and powerful on panel, top of each other (companion to lot 62) on top of each panel, each high 8 ½, wide 6 ½ thumbs.) Lot 62 (female) may possibly be the Girl with Sunflowers (A10).



The painting will be included in Pamela Fowler’s forthcoming catalogue

Carel De Moor