Bonheur-du-jour by Mantzer and Topino

Bonheur-du-jour by Mantzer and Topino

89 x 61 x 41 cm (35 x 24 x 16 ¹/₈ inches)
18th century



Bonheur-du-jour, stamped Jean Jacques Manser dit Mantzer. Marquetry by Charles Topino. 

Transitional period, 18th century, Paris.

Dimensions : H : 89 cm ; W : 61 cm ; D : 41 cm

Oak frame, rosewood, sycamore and amaranth veneers. Inlaid with light wood and stained sycamore and gilded bronze. The "Bonheur-du-jour" is an oval-shaped cabinet with inlaid Chinese-style familiar objects in amaranth, stained sycamore and stained fruitwood veneer. It opens with a drawer in the waist revealing a writing case.

Charles Topino, whose production was very varied, was particularly fond of small pieces of furniture such as flying tables or bonheurs-du-jour. The latter are rectangular or ellipsoidal in shape. 

Jean Jacques Manser dit Mantzer (Born in 1727) - Cabinetmaker. Born in Ribeauvillé in Alsace, he was the son of a carpenter. He worked in the Grande rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine in 1758, when he married a daughter of Topino.